Digital Blackboard has served more than 28,000 at-risk students and their teachers across Washington State who are using technology to forge innovative ways to improve education. Founded in 1993, Digital Blackboard has become an innovative change agent and voice for communities at risk within the high-tech industry and education. Our partnerships provide resources statewide for transformational teachers in high-need K-12 schools whose approach involves learning with technology, not about technology. Digital Blackboard is the only organization providing grants and awards across Washington State addressing K-12 educational technology with a sole focus on communities at risk.

Digital Blackboard supports revolutionary teachers who open  opportunities for students and close the education gap in schools and  communities at risk. We incorporate classroom technology into new educational  practices, leveraging what works in the classroom to help these teachers improve student performance. By starting with revolutionary teachers, we enable students to take advantage of opportunities to build successful lives.

In the hands of the teachers and students who partner with DBF, technology becomes a gateway to information, communication, participation, and ways of teaching and learning that can transform a student's education.

Digital Blackboard Foundation is a non-profit organization through which high technology industry, individuals, and others who believe in our mission can invest in Washington's future. Our programs consist of Digital Blackboard Parnership Grants and Innovation in Technology Awards and Fellowships. These programs have served students, parents, and teachers in every corner of the Washington State.




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