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Online Training

We are proud to launch our online training modules. The modules include:

  • The Learning Space Launchers: Develop powerful web pages that showcase student work, provide classroom information, launch class lessons, and link internet resources.
  • The Learning Space Integrations: Successful integration of technology into standards-based curriculum will give students life experiences that will bridge the gap to the workplace of tomorrow. Learn how to integrate and infuse technology into your curriculum and established units and projects by creating a technology- based integrated lesson.
  • The Learning Space Investigations: Investigations emphasize problem-solving and critical thinking. During an Investigation, students are not simply finding facts and reporting information but they are actively involved in making choices and creating answers based on the information gained during research. Learn the steps and the process for creating these powerful projects for your classroom.
  • The Learning Space Connections: Collaborating and exchanging information with people outside the classroom -- Connections projects encourage student learning in a collaborative, real-world environment. Powerful, on-line exchanges provide students and teachers the opportunity to communicate globally and develop skills necessary for the 21st Century. Find ways to participate in established Connections projects and learn the steps involved in creating your own projects.
  • The Learning Space eFolios: Digital portfolios are becoming an important element in many assessments. Students need a vehicle to showcase and present work in a variety of mediums. eFolios are an electronic collection of artifacts that show evidence of learning. Experience and learn the process of creating an eFolio so that you can use them in your classroom.
  • The Learning Space WebBytes: Using a WebByte format, teachers can easily plan a single lesson that focuses on one idea or curriculum concept along with a selected technology skill. Carefully guided steps will enable you to explore, build, and create your own WebByte. Use of on-line forms will let the results be instantly posted on the Internet.