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The Learning Space Success Stories

Bringing the World to our Classrooms

Angela Glasgo

The greatest thing the Learning Space has done for me is increase my technology confidence. I use technology so much more in my classroom this year, because I am much more comfortable in combination with being more knowledgeable. Last year I was comfortable, but not highly motivated to constantly try new things with technology and my students. I'm now always trying to think of new applications for technology and making sure that students are using our classroom technology as much as possible.

Semi-related to the LS is my application for an Intel travel grant. Intel is looking for teachers to develop and implement a local engineering and science for to work toward participation the annual International Science and Engineering Fair. Intel chose 8 teachers from 5 districts to attend the ISEF in Louisville, Kentucky next week, and I was chosen.

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Kathy Bjorklund

This past year has been a year of growth for my students in the classroom in part because of the Learning Space.

I am a librarian and have developed a team teaching unit with the teacher of the gifted in our school. The students developed a web page which is basically a table of contents of great web sites expressly tailored to our curriculum. These students have been through the curriculum, so they know the projects which are expected of other students. They have developed a table of contents (by subject matter) of the web sites which fit this curriculum and the projects therein. I have taught them to evaluate web sites for authority and content and we have discussed at length etiquette and copyright. There are some web sites to which I have called their attention: Learning Space (of course), Kathy Schrock's, and the Learning Connections. These are sites which contain links which are valuable and have already been perused for content, authority, and validity.

In May the students presented the Table of Contents to the web for our curriculum to all of the district administrators at a meeting in our library. They received many compliments and were really proud of their accomplishment.

Of course this site is always a work in progress, so the students who will be ninth graders next year plan on adding to it and refining it. It is appropriate at this time, because in July the district is adding T1 lines to each school. Since our school is one of the few which is completely wired, the Table of Contents will be available on every computer. At this point we are running it within the school on a web server.

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David Duttry

I will be moving into a new elementary school next year. We are putting in over $700,000.00 in technology and fiber optics cabling. I am the only one in the building with above average knowledge in the area of technology. I lead the way and will be working full time next year helping staff integrate technology into their curriculum, using computers in their classroom and in a lab. To add to this, I lead the way on getting the equipment needed to have our own TV studio. I got psyched up on video when I watched some video power in the Kent lab. I'm going to be busy next year but will be in technology heaven.

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